Monday, July 2, 2018

Gettysburg -July 1st 2018 (155th Anniversary)

As planned my father and two sons Justin and Jared along with a friend Austyn refought the first day of the battle of Gettysburg on the actual 155th anniversary of the battle.

We used my 10mm armies on the custom map made by Cigar Box augmented with hills and trees which made for a great battle and epic diorama as the battle progressed.

The Union commanded by Justin and dad and later joined by Austyn fought to stave off the Confederate juggernaut commanded by Jared and I.  We used the 2nd edition Brigade Fire and Fury rules along with the scenario from the book.
Army of the Potomac

Army of Northern Virginia
The Battlefield viewed from the West

Archer's Brigade on the move

Iron Brigade in a precarious position after charging through Herbst woods

Union Artillery posted near the Lutheran Seminary

Fight for McPherson's Ridge

Cutler's Brigade stands fast

Gamble's cavalry Brigade defending the flank

Iron Brigade moves to support Cutler after sweeping the woods

Charge the cavalry

Counterbattery fire

Union reinforcements rush to the sound of the guns

Cavalry check a charge a temporarily hold

Support comes up and Pender drives off Bufford

Doubleday in retreat hotly pursued by fresh Rebels

Iron Brigade caught in the open

Meredith skillfully maneuvers his brigade to form a line  

Union 1st Corps hotly engaged by two divisions

Union attempts to hold the valley

Confederates quickly swarm in to attack

Battered survivors of Wadsworth's division hold on

Howard's XI Corps clings to the stone wall

Rhodes is now on the field pushing the XI Corps

Confederates quickly move past the Union defenders on the left

AP Hill presses on toward the objective Seminary ridge

Howard hold tough  stalling Ewells' advance

Hill will not be stopped despite heavy losses the Rebels drive on

All but one Union Battery is silenced and the Confederates push forward

Last of the 1st Corps survivors take up position  

Howard's Artillery pours it on to hold of Rhodes

XI Corps finally starts to fall back

Union 1st Corps and Cavalry  is wrecked and XI Corps casualties are mounting 

Hill's command just hit heavy casualties Ewell is still in good shape
In the scenario it was 2PM (Turn 9) and all the Union reinforcements were on the field.  The Confederates still had most of Early's division still due to arrive.  Despite finally pushing Hill into heavy casualties (most of Heth's division) Justin and Austyn realized the situation was desperate and most likely beyond winning.

Overall the scenario played out fairly historically with a few tactical differences.  The Union generals knew up front the were outnumbered and needed to fight a strategic withdraw. 

Best laid plans rarely survive first contact though.  In the heat of the moment they could not resist the temptation to go on the offensive early which resulted in leaving three Union brigades exposed as the bulk of Pender's division arrived on the field looking for a fight. 

All in all a great day of gaming and excellent way to remember the sacrifices made by both blue and gray 155 years ago that set the stage for the culmination of the battle of Gettysburg July 2nd and 3rd 1863.

Always look forward to getting this scenario on the table again.

Hope you enjoyed


  1. Fantastic looking game. Every time I read an ACW AAR I want in... Like I need another era!

  2. Really great AAR! Sounds like it was a good battle.

  3. Fantastic, looks great, and sounds like you had a fun game.

  4. Great looking game, must play day one some time.

  5. Plus like the turn recording and casualty mat, may have to steal that idea.