Saturday, September 10, 2011

Final Sortie-Wings of War

Next week I will depart for another military deployment.  As a result my navies, armies and airforces will be in drydock, on furlough and in the hanger for the next year.

This past wednesday one of my good gaming buddies (Mike) came north to WI for a final gaming outing.  One of the games we played was Wings of War (WWI).  I set up a scenario that included a total of 14 planes (7 on each side) including reinforcements.

The scenario was a bombing mission for the allies to knock out a forward German airfield.

Initial deployments: included a  British bombing group of three two seaters with 2 escorts:

The allies also had a Snipe and Camel in reserve that could enter the game along the edge anythime after turn 2:

Intially Allies faced two german patrols including Albatros D IIIs and DVs.  Additioanlly the German had deployed two ballons with a barrage so that no planes could fly between the ballons unless one balloon was eliminated which forced the British player to choose which route to take to the target.

Additionally the Germans had three DR Is in reserve at the airfield.  On the turn after the allied bombers crossed the river the DRIs including the feared Red Barron could begin to maunuer to the run way and take off by executing two straight manuevers.  While doing so they were subseptible to allied straffing.

Points were scored as follows.

2Pts for every plane shot down
1 Pt for ever building on the airfield bomber
1 Pt for every airplane forced or voluntarily retreated from the map

Victory Conditions:
British: Bomb at least two buildings and score more points
Germans: Defend the airfiled and score more points

The British player (Mike) made a bold move on turn 1 and sent his bombers to the left while his two escorts went right.  As a result two seperate battles evolved as one German Patrol engaged the two SE 5s while the other engaged the three unescorted bombers.

The Geman player (myself) attempted to bypass the British scouts after exchanging inital volleies and go after the bombers to prevent them from getting to the airfield.  The Brirish scouts were deadly though and quickly downed one of the DIIIs by concentrating their fire and some very unlucky damage draws on my part.

The German fire was equally  as deadly for the British Bombers and quickly claimed the lead bomber with an explosion.

The Battle then turned into a test of wills.  The DVs executed an imellum turn as stayed hot on the tail of the remaining teo bombers while taking fire from the tail gunners and the newly arrived British reinforcements in the way of a Camel.

The Germans scored another lucky hit eliminating an observer and silencing the rear gun of a two seater  and then destroying it leaving only the DH4 to complete the bombing mission.

Since the Bombers had crossed the river the DRIs started thie manuevers to take off.

They would not do so unmolested though as a SE5 quickly swooped in straffing them as the took off.

A Fierce Melee soon ensued over the forward airbase as the bomber made the first pass.  Unfortunately for the allies the pilot misjudged his target and overshot the hanger with the first bomb run.

With the Three Foker DRIs now in the fight it did not look good for the British and a Camel was forced to the ground by the close range fire from two directions.

The Allies would claim one more victim in the form of Rahn DR1, but it was two little to late as the observer in the DH4 was killed and it was taking damage.

At this point we elected to call the game as it was no longer possible for he British player to achieve victory although the game itself was close with both sides losing 3 planes up to that point.

Overall a very successful scenario worthy of trying agian some day when I return to flying after my leave of absence from the friendly skies. ;)

Hope you enjoyed.