Friday, August 23, 2013

X-Wing Wave 3 Just Arrived (Pics of ships, cards and dials)

I have not done any posts on X-Wing yet as the majority of my gaming is historical themed.  This is the only Fantasy/sci-fi game I currently play although I have played a few others in the past.  I am not opposed, just prefer the historical line-up with my limited gaming time.  As mentioned though X-wing is the one exception. 

Like many my age I was part of the Star Wars generation growing up and it is still one of my favorite film series.  Last fall when I returned from overseas a friend suggested I try X-wing out and sign up for the Kessel Run Tournament since it is "a lot like Wings of Glory, but different".  So I did and I have been hooked ever since.  In fact, I placed second in the local Kessel Run tournament and won the Slave1.

Anyway, on to the subject of this post, X-wing Wave 3.  This has been long awaited and finally hit the shelves at GenCon for limited purchase. I did not attend GenCon but heard it was for sale, so on a lark I messaged a friend who was attending to see if he could get me a set.  I was stunned when he replied back last Sunday that he had them in hand and would mail them this week.  They arrived last night and I was able to open them up and take a  first look.
Four Ships in front of the FFG shopping bag
I did not have time yet to do alot of analysis on the different cards and new upgrades.  There is some very cool looking stuff in there.  The Moldy Crow has been referred to as a support ship, and it appears it will live up to that description.  The tie bomber can take a full load of weapons for anyone brave enough to invest that many points in a single ship.

Anyway without dragging this out to long I took some pics of the cards and maneuver dial for each ship, so others can get a feel for what is coming.  I know this is available in bits and pieces elsewhere, but figured it would be nice to have in one place for those that have not seen the ships yet.

I apologize in advance that the pics are not better, but you can get the general idea.
Four ships opened
Lambda Shuttle check out the 0 maneuver
Tie Bomber-This thing can come to the party with a big load
B-Wing-Packs a heavy punch with little evasion
Hawk 290-Brings many support options for your squad
My hope is to give these a test run this weekend if I can find some worth opponents.


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