Tuesday, October 15, 2013

X-Wing Wave three takes flight

This past Saturday I finally had the chance to play X-wing with our local group and use the Wave three ships that I have owned since GENCON, but had yet to play.

Three Games set up
We all agreed to bring a Rebel and Imperial squad so we would not have to face any mirror builds as we switched up players.  Since I had not played with Wave three at all or even Wave two very much I made sure I had some of each in my builds.  This also meant I was not very confident going in  as we have some very skilled players who know how to maximize the various synergies that can be incorporated into the game.  Admittedly this is not my strong suit

I brought the following Squads, both were 100pts exact:
Howlrunner w/ Swarm tactics upgrade
Tie Interceptor Alpha SQRN pilot
Tie Bomber Captain Jonus with Swarm tactics, Cluster missiles, Assault Missiles
Tie Bomber Scimitar SDRN Pilot with Cluster Missiles, proton torps and Assault Missiles

X-wing Wedge Antilles with R2D2 and Marsksmanship
A-Wing Tycho Celchu with Swarm tactics
B-Wing Blue SQDN Pilotwith Fire control and Advanced Proton Torps x2

Initially we had seven player show up and an eighth join us later, so we started with three games(one a three player) at once and played a total of four games.  in about five hours.

Imperials look to divide and conquer against Han and B-wings
I was a bit rusty at first and had to brush up on the rules as we went along, but it all came back to me. My first two games were with my Imperial Squad which despite my lack luster performance with the missiles performed well against builds that both contained the Han Solo Falcon.  I think the Tie Bombers fully loaded will be the new bain of the Falcon build.  Firing missiles at Range 1-2-3 was pretty damaging and CPT Jonas ability to allow the other pilot to re-roll really helped especially since I did not roll that well.  For the cost the Tie Bomber brings a lot of hit points to the table so it has some staying power.  Both games resulted in a Imperial victory.

Two Firespray build was no match for Wedge and crew

My third game I switched to my Rebel build and faced off against Boba Fett and Bounty hunter two Firespray build along with Howlrunner.  My opponent viewed the B-wing as such a threat due to the Advanced Protons Torps that he continued to maneuver out of range and target the B-wing which also has some good staying power despite the lack luster agility.  The B-wing went down with the Torps on board, but not before getting a few primary gun hits in and more importantly allowing Wedge and Tycho to tear up the Bounty Hunter and Howlrunner leaving Boba to go it alone against both of them undamaged.  The Rebels were victorious as they chased the wounded Boba off the map.

My final game brought back my imperial squad against a 4 ship Rebel Squad.  This one went down to the wire, but in the end the pair of Tie Bombers prevailed as the took down his Wedge.

Imperials overpower Rebels with multiple Missiles
In the end I was shocked that I went 4-0, but more importantly it renewed my interest in this great game.  X-wing is currently the only Non-historical game I play.  My friend informed me it is actually a historical game because it is is set a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Cannot wait to play again which should be in a couple weeks now that H.S. Football is coming to an end and I will have my Friday evenings free again.
BTW, the turrets that you see do not belong to me, but one of our local members downloaded, printed and assembled them.  Look great for card stock and add a nice alternative to the asteroids especially when playing on the space station mat.  I will be adding some to my collection some along with a 2D version for when the ships come in contact with them.
Until next time........."May the force be with you".

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  1. Great result and a fantastic looking board. X-Wing is a great game. Your friend is funny, I like the reasoning for it being historical.