Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bolt Action Top Secret- TAKE TWO

I enjoyed the Top Secret scenario the other night so much that after I told my son about it he challenged me to a match today.

This time I was back to my role as the German Heer and he brought his trusted paratroopers supported by light armor.

I won the set up role and was able to deny him the side of the table with the roads other wise the table was set up fairly equal with the same amount of obstacles to cross to reach the objective at the center.
Initial table set up from German side
U.S. forces deploying forward
Grenadiers and SS take up position
Grenadiers moving up the flank
SS Vets make a dash at the greyhound, but it uses Recce to escape
Paratroopers in position to rush the objective on turn three
Germans are ready as well
Germans get the first die and take the objective with the Grenadiers, but the paratroopers quickly counter
Although reduced the paratroopers are a tough bunch and route the grenadiers
Finally the way is clear for the SS to counter, but they cannot pass the morale test
The U.S. sniper fires and misses the SS at the end of turn 3, turn 4 the SS barely make the morale roll
Running through two ambushes the SS hit the paratroopers and claim the objective back
The officer comes up and takes possession while the VET SS act a a human shield 
The American throw everything they have to clear the SS out of the way eventually destroying them
Just in time a fresh squad takes the objective before the American rush past the officer to assault
These were Vet Grenadiers armed with SMGs though and the paratroopers were no match in the 2nd round
Feeling victory may be near the other German officers decide to get in the fight and assault the U.S. officer 
Turn 5 despite his best efforts to pin them out the fresh grenadiers make the roll and escape to the edge with the objective.

Another great game that was a real nail biter right down to the end.  I am liking this scenario a lot and think it may be my go to scenario especially for teaching new players.  this was the first time we finished a game in less than two hours.

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