Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cowpens 2018

Welcome to 2018!

New Year, new/old projects are on the horizon.  My gaming goal/resolution for 2018 is to finally complete some projects that have been ongoing for a few years now.  like many gamers I have the infamous "lead pile" which these days is just as much plastic as it is lead anymore.
Washington's Dragoons (Perry)
Mounted Militia (Perry)
Delaware and Maryland Continentals (Perry Plastic)
Virginia Continentals (Perry)
One of these projects is the huge pile of AWI figures I purchased during one of the amazing Warlord Sprue sales.  Late last year I decided I would finally enter the Southern Theater and my first project will be Cowpens.
Virginia Militia (Perry)
Combined Militia (Perry)
I chose Cowpens because I had the opportunity to visit the battlefield in Sept 2016 and it is a smaller very manageable scenario.  I am planning to use the scenario from the Black Powder Rebellion book to start out. Once The OoB is complete I will use remaining troops to model other units that served in the Southern theater so we can eventually expand to other scenarios.
North Carolina Militia (Perry)
South Carolina Militia
Riflemen (Perry)
At this point I have all the troops and have been diligently working on assembling and painting.  I have also enlisted the help of Mark and Karl for painting to realistically finish this project this year.
17th Light Dragoons (Perry)
Legion Detachments (Perry)
So far the Americans a pretty much complete I may eventually sub in some specific characters figures for the leaders, but the units are now ready for battle.
Tarleton (Fife and Drum)
71st Foot (Old Glory)
The British are taking a bit longer as I did need to order a few unique figures to for the legion cavalry and infantry.  Additionally, I wanted to make sure the army had the Southern look, so it required assembling many figures with the hats turned down instead of re purposing.  The good news is the last of the legion units have arrived and everything missing is in the process of painting and should be ready soon.

Scenario OoB
American Forces
British ready for Paint
Once Cowpens is complete I will use the remaining figures to round out a few more units and then either assemble the rest as individual figures for skirmish games like Sharp Practice or liquidate the remaining sprues.
Still Pending Assembly
It always feels good to have a plan and be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. Nice work and good luck with Cowpens, I have worked out the forces for Age of Reason Rules but have had to 'adjust' the forces to get it to work.

  2. It's a fascinating little battle. Good luck with the project- I completed mine last year- then began adding units for Camden...and then Guildford Courthouse- it's addictive!

  3. Wow, lovely figures, especially the militia, mounted or not, imho...great job!