Friday, May 18, 2018

Gettysburg 155th Anniversary

With the Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg approaching I have decided (with Household Six's Permission of course) that it would be a great opportunity to host an event on July 1st.   Plan is to play the Brigade Fire and Fury First Day scenario to completion
Fight for McPherson's ridge
.More details to come, but you can expect to see a recap of the action played out on July 1st 2018.
 This works well as my Daughter's graduation party is the day prior so the space will be clean and there should be plenty of food and beverage still available.
Federals fall back toward the Seminary
In our previous engagements we have not made it past turn 9-10.  The intent this time will be to play it to conclusion through the course of the day
Confederate breakthrough near the Lutheran Seminary
Command positions will be limited and I will be sending out invites, but spectators will also be encouraged to come check out the action and cheer on the boys in blue and gray.

2nd Edition Rules

More to come......

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