Monday, April 18, 2016

Building Isandlwana Battlefield terrain

Little wars is less two weeks away. 

In addition to running two Black Powder AWI scenarios (Freeman's Farm And Bemis Heights) from the Saratoga campaign we will be running our first Anglo-Zulu scenario, Isandlwana.  We have been diligently working to get the troops ready and hyping the event on our podcast, but had not decided on what to do for terrain.

This past weekend was my last opportunity to produce terrain worthy of the hype, so I took advantage of the beautiful weather to move outdoors and get to work.

I followed a map I found online.  The plan is for a 12'x6' area, but I reduced it to 10'x6' taking a foot off each end.

The Plan

Initially thinking teddy bear fur with Foam underneath
Arranged 1.5" foam for elevation
Decided gluing fur to the foam would look better
Painted fur using 3 shades of green and yellow to give highlights
Built the mountain up using foam water putty and rock mold castings
Painted using two shades of gray for highlights
Added landscaping
Overall view

There are still a few tweaks (mostly eye candy), but we could play tomorrow if needed.  I do plan to add temporary landscaping to the dunga (wash out) at the event (mostly gravel and rock).

With the exception of the mountain everything is very light weight and breaks down into smaller manageable sections for easier transport.

Looking forward to seeing it in action on at Little Wars at the end of the month.

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