Sunday, December 22, 2013

USS Shangi-La CVA 38

I picked up this model for my Father in Law who served on her in the mid-late 60s.  I was going to just give him the model for X-mas, but my wife said he would never complete it based on some models we gave him previously.  As a result I decided to assemble it and will add a engraved plate to it before I give it to him.  The plan is to wrap the box and then present him with the assembled version after he opens it.

The kit also includes an air wing, helicopter and missiles.  I am waiting to paint those until after we give it to him so he can provide input on paint scheme for the time he was on board.

Hope he likes it.  It has been a long time since I assembled a plastic kit. I had one minor set back painting the deck when I dropped it.  Not a good thing when you own a cat and dog that shed. A minor set back, but still came out pretty good just not as well as I hoped the first time. ;)

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