Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bolt Action X-mas Soviet Army

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable holidays.  Someone thought I had been good this year and gave me a surprise under the tree Christmas morning.

Bolt action Soviet Army
In addition to a Starter army set I received a 45mm Anti-Tank gun, Soviet command pack and black order dice along with the ruined hamlet set.  I also received an airbrush which I was able to put to use once I had assembled the troops.  I decided to first put the T-34/85 which is a plastic kit.  I was a bit tentative with the plastic kit, but this model went together extremely well.  I wish all the warlords kits fit together this well.

Once assembled I put the air brush to work an in one evening I was able to complete it start to finish.

In addition to the metal 45mm Anti-Tank gun the army set also includes a 81mm Mortar team and metal command set which are two officers and and medic.

45mm Anti-Tank Gun
81mm Mortar team
The remainder of the Army set was plastic figures which allow you to vary the configuration.  If you are familiar with the Warlords plastics you know they are nice models, but a pain to assemble.  I spent one night assembling and the next day block painting and dipping them.  Today I finished with dry brushing and flocking the bases.  I do not use the plastic disc included.  Instead I use metal washers which provide a bit of weight and also allow the use of magnetic sheets for transport.

The box recommends a 1000pt force, but I did not follow it exact as I wanted more Anti-tank rifle teams.  In the end I assembled four ATR teams and five squads.

ATR Teams
Complete Soviet Force
I will now have to play with the Army list to see what I can come up with for a 1000pt force.  I also have a box of War games Factory Late War Soviets to assemble so I will have plenty of infantry options.  Both include LMGs, but I think I will want to add some more MMGs and possibly another vehicle or two.  I also have some Naval infantry coming from a recent sale Black Tree designs had.  I received a e-mail notification that Black Tree Designs is having a end of year sale on all historical figures, so I am sure I will be able to fill any gaps.

Now off to build some army lists. :)

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  1. Thanks for posting your really quick army creation! Great work.