Friday, January 8, 2016

Ambush on the Burma Road-Bolt Action

Recently I had the opportunity to try the Ambush on the Burma Road scenario form the Empire in Flames Campaign book by Warlord Games using Bolt Action rules.  I played this with Phil using the description and selectors straight from the scenario
IJA have established a road block and set up the kill zone for an ambush
We have tried this scenario twice now, but unfortunately both time we had to end early.  The first was due to a lack of time after playing another game on New Years day.
Unsuspecting British move up to investigate
Last night we made our 2nd attempt at game night.  Unfortunately on the beginning of turn 3 the Allied player had the misfortune of rolling the dreaded "1" and their Artillery coming in right on top of their clustered units.  To add insult to injury out of 9 units tested four a "6" was rolled four times obliterating the units.  At that point the British had already lost 5 of 15 units to the IJA two men from a MMG team.  The white flag was raised and the British commander requested quarters.
First shots are exchanged and the Stuart moves up, but is immobilized by a A.T. rifle

I definitely look forward to giving this scenario a try again.  We really like the initial set up and the night rules add a good twist.  If you have not tried the night rules yet I highly encourage you to do so.  It really changes how you move and think as opposed to a regular game of Bolt Action.
More British troops move up to support
We used the night rules this past spring when doing the Normandy Airborne landing scenarios and really enjoyed it then as well.
Allies are bottled up and taking fire from all directions
Using the selectors and limitations found in the scenario for IJA vs. British seem to make it pretty balanced.  I think this scenario would play well with any lists though.
Friendly Artillery decimates troops backed up on the road.
Better luck next time Phil.........

I do look forward to playing it again.


  1. Interesting, was this a real battle? I was never much for land battles, mostly naval...

  2. Scenario is not a specific battle, but represents a serries of engagements that were fought as the British attempted to withdraw early in the war.

    Bolt Action is not really a simulation set of rules, but more so a nice WWII themed fun game.

  3. There's room for both. That said, it looks like your fun game performed as advertised. With a nice helping of chaos thrown in for good measure.