Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Anglo-Zulu Project

Battle of Isandlwana
Last fall a small group of us decided to expand our Black Powder gaming into the Anglo-Zulu war.  Initially myself and Phil would do British and Brian would model the Zulu hoards with a little help.  Well that was the plan at least.

Brian initially found a deal on War games Factory(WGF) plastic Zulu and Phil already had the start of a small collection.  I initially acquired a box of WGF Brits and Warlord Brits. 

Since that time this project has snowballed quite a bit.  Mostly due to some great sales from Black Tree Design (BTD) and how cool the figures looked once complete. :)

Hoard of Plastic Zulus to Assemble

WGF ZULU assembly
WGF Brits as Naval Infantry (Lack detail and out of proportion)
Initial Warlord Brits for 24th Infantry
I now have over 100 British infantry a unit of Lancers, two 7lb guns and a Gatling Gun for the British.  In order to get the massive scale I also decided to help Brian with the Zulu and will have 140 once complete.  Phil has done the same which will bring our total Zulu forces to 440.

So far my experience is that the WGF Zulu are inexpensive and look really good, but a pain to assemble.  I would pass on the WGF British as the sculpts really look horrible in comparison to others.  The Warlord plastic British are OK, but the BTD British are by far the best and no assembly required as they are metal figures.
Brian's First test paint for WGF Zulu
BTD 17th Lancers ready for combat
BTD Infantry as 24th of foot

Using the Black Powder rules we decided the British units will be 12 figures and the Zulu War bands 20 figures.

BTD Zulu Chiefs

BTD 91st Highlanders
BTD 80th foot
Our initial goal was to be able to play by the New Year.  We are a little behind.  Currently the British are more than ready to field a force, but the Zulu are lagging a bit with only a couple units ready to take the field.
My British Infantry Completed thus far
If we stay focused (Brian) I think it is realistic that we can be ready by the end of February early March in time for upcoming conventions.
Brian's First Zulu ready for basing
On goal we have discussed is to run some grand scale games this year at conventions for both AWI and Anglo-Zulu.  AWI is ready and Anglo-Zulu soon will be once we test play a couple of scenarios.
More Warlord Plastics to add to the collection 

Phil has managed to find some excellent painting guides and resource material on the Internet put our by War-games Factory which make the painting much easier.

Zulu Reference Guide:


British Reference Guide:


Osprey also publishes a number of good reference books on the topic for pictorial reference and reading.

Of Course the movies ZULU and Zulu Dawn are readily available although not the best uniform reference. :)

More to come.....


  1. 12/20 figures - hmmmm. Perhaps I should have done that. I went 16 for British companies and 36 for Zulu regiments.I would have a few more Zulu regiments done at that scale :) I agree that the BTD AZW stuff is great. I am using Empress to flesh out my colonials but apart from a few Redoubt Zulu generals all my Zulus are BTD. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the project pan out.

    1. Yes, for all our BP projects we have reduced the figure count to stretch our armies a bit. Warlord sells miniatures, so it makes sense that they would recommend larger numbers.

      AWI we use 12/16/20 for Small/Standard/large units and it works really well.

    2. I was looking at my completed Zulus and the large pile of unpainted ones after I commented on this post yesterday. Curse those BTD 50% sales !

    3. LoL....If you look at the last picture those are 40 Zulu, 12 British and 12 Native Natal on the bench. Assembled the Brits and started the Zulu last night. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. All in time....need to finish this project first.

    2. I can't wait. You inspired me to start doing wargaming with your Span-Am war stuff

  3. Hey there! Your blog has got everyone at Warlord Games very excited. I wanted to not only pass on our gratitude but if you'd like to contact me on 0115 9780386 we have an offer we'd like to make to help you finish your Zulus ;) Kind regards, Andrew from Warlord games.