Saturday, January 16, 2016

ZULU ! Anglo-Zulu Part 2

The Anglo-Zulu project is shaping up well.

The British are more or less ready to invade and the Zulu are now coming together to defend Zulu Land.  The imperialistic British invaders are well supplied with a full compliment of infantry, two cannon, a gatlin gun and a unit of Lancers.

Additionally, Phil is also gathering some British units to do the Queen's bidding.  Once combined the British forces will comprise almost 200 troops with Native Natal support.

British invaders are ready

In order to respond to this threat the Zulu are forming in preparation to defend there homes and families.  Brian, Phil and I are all assembling Zulu forces and once complete the Zulu will be able to field a sufficient hoard of almost 450 troops.

"Evil Omen"
Brian had a very productive week painting and in addition to what I had completed we now have five Zulu units ready to take the field and answer the kings call.

"Dust Raisers"

I was able to get Brian the next four units that were ready for painting before he gets project A.D.D. and moves on to something else.

"Leopard's Lair"

Assuming we can get a few more done we will have enough to test play our first battles.  The British are formed into 12 man units and we are using 20 man units for the Zulu to represent the larger war bands.

"The Howling"

In addition Phil is also working on his forces so we will have a sizable combined collection for local play as well as the convention demo games we plan to run this year using the Black Powder rule system.

Once the troops are assembled the next step is deciding how to base them.  They are all based on 1" washers which will work fine for the 12 man British units, but we are thinking some sort of movement tray will be helpful for the Zulu.  We have not played war bands before, so we are thinking a large movement tray using a 6" frontage with slots may be the best way to maneuver the Zulu.

"White Tails"

The final step will be  getting some appropriate Anglo-Zulu table top terrain assembled.  Not sure what to use for ground cover yet, but thinking a base of teddy bear fur might work well for this period. 

More to come......

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