Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Episode 5 The Northern Front

In case you have not already found it Episode 5 was released on time late last Thursday.  I was on the road, so I am posting this late.

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In this episode we cover the following:

-Review of what we have been up to
 as usual.
-Recap of Little Wars and the events we ran
-Interview with Aaron from Nobel Knight Games
-Our impression of the three Black Powder Supplements we own (Rebellion, Zulu, and Glory Hallelujah).
-Some Bolt Action Discussion including plans for the upcoming campaign
-Upcoming events
-Late Interview with some of the guys from Warlord US about the upcoming event in Oklahoma

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1 comment:

  1. Thank you for making a system agnostic miniatures cast. I play Blitzkrieg Commander, and dabble in Song of Blades and Heroes, Combat HQ, CoC, Command Decision, and Fubar. So it's nice to hear non FoW and BA talk.

    I've recently launched a business podcast and now understand what it takes to put one of these on.

    So thank you, thank you thank you.