Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Spanish American War -Future Plans

Now that my Pre-Dread fleets are coming off the slips at a furious pace I am making plans to put them into action using Naval Thunder Rise of the Battleship II supplement.
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Almost three years ago I completed the OoB for the SPAN-AM fleets, but soon found that gaming the actual battles were extremely one-sided.  As a result I started to build the additional units for historical hypothetical scenarios for the same time period using Americans, Spanish and even Germans.
American SPAN-AM OoB
I have had several ideas for scenarios, but this past weekend I stumbled on the Avalanche Press game 1898, which focuses on the SPAN-AM war naval actions.  The beautiful thing is it comes with a scenario book which includes the two historical battles along with several hypothetical engagements.  Some of the hypothetical scenarios are exactly what I was thinking with proposed OoB.
Expanded Spanish Fleet
The scenario book even goes a step further to include some Post RJW American vs. Japan engagements.  Basically the IJN to include re purposed captured Russian ships vs. Great White Fleet.

Basically my gaming concepts have been validated and I now have some OoBs to work with to put together some engagements with all these models I have built.
1898 Map

If you are not familiar with Avalanche Press they offer a great line of both WWII (SWWAS) and WWI(GWAS) line of naval games that all include beautiful counter, maps and scenario books.  At one time I owned just about all the titles with aspirations of using them to play out campaigns.  I realized my dreams were probably a bit to big and I sold off my collection.  Now many of the titles are out of print, but every so often you can still find OoP editions in excellent condition as I did with 1898.

Current German forces
I am traveling for vacation the next couple weeks, but when I return I look forward to trying some of these out as well as finishing my remaining Americans.  I am also putting in a small order for a handful of other models to complete some of the scenarios so they will be here when I return.

In the meantime I will also be looking for an affordable copy of AP Great White Fleet which contains many more hypothetical scenarios for this time period.


  1. Fantastic Span-Am fleets! Good choice on using 1898 as a battle/campaign generator. Look forward to more progress on this interesting project when you return.

  2. Replies
    1. Ships are Panzerschiffe with masts added using piano wire.

  3. What about the USS Texas? Is she included with her two 12" guns in single turrets. Also the Texas has limited ability to fire across deck so her broadside can include two 12" guns if the angle is right. The Texas was the "maid of all work" for the US Navy in Cuba, being engaged on ten different occasions and being used most aggressively as she was the most "expendable" and her Captain was a very religious but pugnacious warrior.

    1. Yes Texas is there. The NTship data cards do a good job representing various abilities to include fire arcs.