Friday, September 2, 2016

Pre-Dread Project Germans (Part 2) Complete

Now that I have started again the ships are coming off the slips at a very quick rate.  Depending on the complexity of the masts I am able to complete 4 or more in a 2-3 hour session at night.

In two nights I was able to complete the remaining twelve Germans using a bit of an assembly line process so while one set was drying I was working on others.

SMS Braunschweig Class Pre-Dreads Battleships

Armored Cruisers
Gazelle class cruisers
Bremen Class cruisers
With 16 ships including 6 Battleships 2 Armored cruisers and 8 cruisers the Germans should be able to mount a serious threat.  My initial thoughts are a hypothetical campaign to reinforce the German Asiatic squadron to contest the Americans in the Philippines.

Complete German Fleet
Next up is to complete the Americans.  Good news on that front.  After soaking the American ships in "Simple Green" for several days I was ready to give up as try another method.  When I pulled out a ship I was able to scrap/peel off the primer in large chunks with my finger nail.

Good news for the Americans the bad primer will come off
Once I clean up all the ships I can start work on them as well.

Then on to either completing the full Great White Fleet or starting work on the Jutland project.


  1. You are getting great results from the Panzerschiife hulls! Well done.

  2. Thanks, if you look through my blog you will see an extensive collection of Panzerschiffe models. With the added masts I think they work great for Pre-dreads and cruisers. I am looking at other options for WWI capital ships as I desire a bit more detail and the upper works such as tripod masts are tougher to model. GHQ is always an option and I have several also may try the newer WTJ models.

  3. Replies
    1. They are 3"x1" metal bases. You can find them here: