Saturday, May 7, 2011

AAM 3D terrain- Italy vs. UK with AAR

This was a Axis and Allies Minis scenario I put together and played this past year.  The terrain used is GHQ 4" hexes terrain maker system.


Italy was on the defense with 300 pts and Britain/commonwealth on the offense with 351 pts.
Italy set up in a fixed linear defense and the Allies started off the map deploying on their first turn.

Italian Army:

Common Wealth Army:

The Map:

The Italians are set up up already in a static linear defense with some Armored reinforcements.  If the British successfully mass and penetrate Italy will have a hard time winning.

There  three Objectives: Bridge, Pass and supply depot

Game Length: 10 turns


Played this scenario for about 4 hours today resolving this conflict.  The scenario played very well and was pretty evenly matched with the terrain that the Allies had to negotiate.
Initially the teams were Myself and a friend as the Allies vs. his 15yr old son who wanted to be Italy.

Early on the Allies were bogged down advancing across the sand and trying to make movement roles to get into cover.

The Italians held their ground while the allies made the slow advance.

Soon the Italian Commander ("Luigi") became bored with the defense and decided the best defense was a good offense.

At one point the Italian commander was heard to say "I should either retreat or charge" while his subordinates where asking "whatever happened to holding our ground?"

The bold dash forward by the Italian armor leaving cover stalled the advance, but soon showed its weakness as the South Africans were able to outflank the left wing of the Italian defense and make a drive for the Supply depot.

Italian reserves were forced to re-deploy weakening the right flank.  The Italian commander was soon wishing he had those units back that boldly charged forward.

After a lunch break my eldest son decided to join us and help the Italian cause.  This he did well with some truly unholy die rolling which blunted the Allied assault on the right.

In the end the Italians had sacrificed to boldly and the British were able to secure the Pass as well as the bridge on the right flank.  The Italians defended the Supply Depot well, but with the collapse of the Right and center it was only a matter of time before British would move across the rear of the Italian line and capture that as well.

The Italian commander saw the error of his ways and respectfully asked for favorable surrender terms at the end of Turn 8 as common wealth infantry were preparing to roll up his final position.

Overall a great day of gaming.  Not sure there is much I would change with the scenario itself.  We agreed to make it a 10 turn game and had the Italian commander been a bit more patient and let the Allies come to him I think the results could have gone either way. 

The only thing I really need to do is make some more terrain so I can host more large scale battles using the 3D hexes.  I have plenty of hexes to be made and just need to find the time. ;)

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