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Wings of War in the Pacific "Return to the Ship" -Scenario with AAR

I developed this scenario about a year ago and it has become one of our favorites so i thought I would share.  The AAR is over a year old and uses some custom models I built using AIR200 models before the official ones were released.

2nd wave of the Attack on Pearl Harbor has just been completed.  The IJN planes are making there way back to the fleet. The planes include an observation VAl which stayed back to asses damage done during the attack.  The observer will report back to Nagumo so he can determine if a 3rd attack wave is needed.  Upon leaving the Harbor the Val took some shrapnel in the engine cowling and is losing oil pressure.  The pilot has skillfully adjusted for the damage and is nursing the wounded plane back to the fleet along with another Val and a fighter escort. 

Admiral Halsey in a desperate attempt to locate and destroy the enemy has launched numerous scout planes.  Two fighters call in that they have intercepted a radio transmission from an American Pilot claiming he is in pursuit of Japanese planes.  They are ordered to intercept as Halsey prepares to launch everything he has to throw at the Japanese pending a good bearing on the Japanese fleet.

IJN:2 Zero
2 Vals (both have been damaged and can only fly at slow speed)
Location: two damage rulers from the South edge of the Table

US:Starts with a lone P-40 at the south edge of the table
After turn three 2 Wildcats enter from the from the middle South west edge of the table

-Japanese Exit far side of the table with at least 1 Val (observation plane) and No U.S. in pursuit.

-U.S. Objective Destroy the Vals and pursue the IJN to the learn where they are heading in hopes of discovering the Japanese fleet location.

Special instructions:
 (1 val will be secretly marked as the observer)

January 26, 2010

Overall this mission was very successful and all were excited to play it.

We ended up with 5 players.  I controlled the Vals as a semi neutral.  One player flew the two zeros and then one player flew the P-40 and one Wildcat while another flew the last wildcat.

Both teams were briefed separately on the objectives.

If a US plane crossed the last 1/4 of the Northern playing surface the fleet would be spotted and a third Zero (CAP would appear).  Only the IJN player knew this.

IJN Mission:
Get Wounded Val off the North end of the Map.  Prevent a US plan from spotting the fleet and reporting back.

US mission:
Destroy IJN Planes and locate the fleet.

Initial deployment with one val wounded and could only move at Slow Speed (permanently marked with Smoke)  This was the IJN commander known only to the IJN players.:

P-40 in hot pursuit while two zeros perform a split S, but overshoot their target in a flyby exposing the VALS they are suppose to protect:

P-40 delivers some crucial blows to the VAL while the Zeros re-orientate and pick up the P-40  Unknown the the IJN two Wildcats from the Enterprise Enter the fray with the start of the 4th turn while the Zeros are out of position:

P-40 Takes a alot of damage and finally splashes:

Vals spit up in a attempt to shake off the pursuer and divide the fire...hopefully against the wrong Target while getting off some good shots with the tail gun actually flaming a wildcat:

Fighters jockey for position while one VAL makes a run for it while the second is forces to circle back around to get back on course:

One Wildcat succumbs to fires along with a Zero as the Val gets back on course and attempt to make a run for it.  Unfortunately, the Wildcat makes a turn just at the right time getting a shot off bringing down the wounded VAL:

The Wildcat then broke off as the Zero retreated back toward the fleet undiscovered IJN Fleet just over the horizon:

In the end it was a draw more or less a draw:

U.S. Successfully shot down the IJN Command plane preventing the report to Admiral a result Nagumo makes the fateful decision to withdraw leaving many valuable targets behind at Pearl Harbor which will allow it to be be a vital base to rebuild from in the months to come.

IJN Successfully kept the fleets location a secret thus thwarting Admiral Halsey in his attempt to locate them and attempt to exact revenge against the Pearl Harbor Attackers.

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  1. This reads like an interesting scenario, Aaron. Well done, sir.

    -- Jeff