Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am new to the whole blog thing, but figured it is time to try. 

This blog will be devoted to one of my many passions, historical war gaming.  I am a member of several forums devoted to gaming.  My hope is that with this blog instead of posting my many projects in multiple areas I can post them all here and then share via links. 

We will see how it goes. ;)



  1. Congratulations on joining the blogosphere, Aaron.

    I've got a number of blogs myself. Probably the most active at the moment is my Colonial blog since I've decided that this year will be my "Colonial Year" (well, maybe next year as well if the Campaign goes well:

    -- Jeff

  2. Congratulations afilter. You are a true, dedicated wargamer! All the best with your site.

  3. Thanks is a true work in progress as I figure out the different features and what I want to include for content. I have a ton of previos AARs, scenarios, house rules and modeling projects floating around on various sites that I hope to bring to one location over time.