Friday, May 6, 2011

Armies in the making- Returning to ACW Gaming in 10mm

It has been along time since I have done any ACW Mini gaming.  The last rules I played were the Original Brigade level Fire and Fury and well as a home brew version of fields of Honor.

Recently I discovered that a new version of Fire and Fury has been release, "Regimental Fire and Fury". 

I picked up a copy and was instantly impressed.  This was the game I had always been looking for, capable for fighting larger battles or small level skirmishes without alot of troops.  Better yet my son was interested in playing.  When a 14 yr old tells you he will spend time playing a war game you need to strike while the iron is hot.

Unfortunately, I had no troops.  Several years ago I had sold off the last of my painted 15mm armies when my children were young and there was no hope of playing again anytime soon.

What to do?  I must re-build of course.  At the recommendation of my LGS I decided to go even smaller and give 10mm a try.  The figs are still of decent quality and paint up just as quick.  Before I knew it I had dozens of craft sticks with primed soldiers ready to paint.  Several hours later I had one regiment complete. :(

OK I remembered this going faster.  As luck would have it I attended a con the following weekend.  What did I find in the flea market...a whole army work of painted and unmounted 10mm infantry both Union and Confederate.  It was perfect.  Additionally I found someone to help me paint the primed minis I already had thus doubling the size of my intended forces.  Now in a matter of hours of basing and touching up I had close to 4 brigades worth of troops.

Two weeks later I finished painting the various Arty limbers, cannon, commanders, other infantry command stands and markers I doubled my force again bringing the total up to 8 brigades with 4 on each side, finally ready to take the field and do battle.

With a free weekend on the horizon we will now be able to get out the terrain and fashion our first brigade level skirmish. ;)

More to come.......

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