Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gordon & Hague ACW Troops Arrived

Today I was pleased to find my order from Gordon & Hague arrived all the way to Kosovo.  Initial impression is very favorable as I unpacked the box.  There are couple of figures that seem to have come off the base, but this is easily fixed with a drop of glue.  These are the ACW 10mm pre-painted series one troops that are currently 45% off. 

Union Forces
Confederate Forces
Confederate Arty
Overall the Union troops look great in my opinion.  They are not artistic models, but perfectly fine for the battle field as they are.  The Confederates will definitely need a few paint touch ups to give them that field look vs, the Richmond grey appearance they have now.  No surprise here as this is exactly what I expected and the reason I also ordered a basic set of Vallejo paints and brushes so I can take some artistic license with them.  I think Gordon & Hague recognized the Rebs need a little work as well as the Series two minis which are due out soon have a new butternut paint scheme and the reason the series one are now 45% off.  They even encourage this on their web site and have some nice tutorials on how to make some basic improvements.  Even with the little bit of time it will take doing some touch ups I feel I will still be way ahead on time and cost compared to if I had to paint and mount all of them myself.

Modifying CMD Stand
The only other thing I plan to modify is the Union Command stands.  They currently have a single flag bearer per stand.  I am going to order and extra set of Union CMD stands (twice as many as I need).  Then I will switch the flag bearer from one stand and place the extra union soldier on the one I remove the flag Bearer from.  This produces a set of CMD stands with two flag bearers (National and Regimental colors) and another stand of basic infantry so nothing will go to waste.  The infantry stand will just have an officer on on it which is not a problem.

Unison Cavalry with Skirmishers
Rebel Standard Bearers

When I return home I will hit them all with a coat of Testors "Dull coat" which is common practice for me to seal the figures and remove and shine as you can see on some of the flags.  One other trick I learned with the flags is that I used fabric glue (did not have white glue) to attach the paper flags.  The end result was it created a very durable flag that almost feels like plastic and holds its shape very well.  I will likely make this standard practice in the future.

Future updates will include modifications and play test battle reports.