Sunday, February 26, 2012

A matter of "Perspective"-2D ACW buildings

It is a rainy day here in Kosovo for my off day so I decided to tackle my idea of making buildings.  My initial thought was to just make some shapes and paint and label them as top down views.  Then I remembered my grade school art classes and decided to make them look 3D.

Very simple process of cutting the shapes from scrap boxes that were waiting to go in the recycle bin.  Then I sketched out the corners and trimmed them parallel.  I then painted them and added the details making sure to keep all my line parallel.

In the end I am happy for the time being and I did not have to spend any cash or risk shipping fragile models over.  Not to mention my supply of material is unlimited if I decide I need more.

Hope you like....


  1. great idea, and great way to use whats available! Are those Gordon and Hague minis?


    1. Correct, I am really liking the G&H line.