Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recently given a "Major Award"

I recently subscribed to another blog "Megablitz and More" and as a result I was given a major award just like The Old Man in the movie Christmas Story.

In light of this I felt it was only appropriate to display such a prestigious award.

King Boris III of Forbodia
From the announcement:


I am pleased to welcome the blog's 100th follower.  In fact, because someone dropped out last week I feel it only fair to award the '100th Follower' prize to both Springinsfeld and afilter.  Welcome to you both.

The prize for this achievement is a framed and signed photo of King Boris III of Forbodia.  Clearly only Springinsfeld and afilter may print copies of this sought after item.....

 Link to the announcement:

Thanks Tim!

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  1. Congrats, Aaron. And an autographed photo of King Boris takes up less space than a leg lamp.