Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ragged Rebs-Bringing My Armies to Life with Paint

Basic paints and tools
I was pleased to find the Vallejo paints I ordered from Miniature Market in the mail yesterday, so last night I went right to work modifying some of my Gordon & Hague 10mm ACW minis.

As I stated in my earlier post I think the Gordon &Hague figures are great right out of the package for gaming.  As they suggest on their website they are also very suitable for custom work to give them that little extra flare.  Since the series 1 Confederates come in a basic Richmond grey paint scheme I decided to start with them first. 

Out of the package before painting
 There was nothing fancy being done here, I just took one color at a time and painted over hats, blouses and pants to give them a mixed bag look for uniforming.  I then went back with a fine brush and added belts and straps back on that were covered up in the initial process.  Once I was satisfied I mixed up some watered down black to use as a wash.  If I were home I would have used a sepia brown ink, but the black wash did the trick for now.  Finally, I used the larger of the 3 brushes I have to give them a dry brush with dead white.

After Painting

The only thing missing is a clear coat of "Testors Dull Coat" to seal them and protect the paint.  Due to mailing restrictions that will definitely have to wait until I get home.  I have been considering the idea of using the Army Painter dip for these minis instead.  I have seen some pics of very nice results, but have never tried it myself due to cost and my old fashioned ink and dry brush painting.  I may give it a try though, so if anyone has some thoughts on it let me know.  Once they are sealed I will then add some sort of additional flocking to the bases.


I added a couple more regiments the next night following the same methods above:

Your comments and advice are welcome.

Until Next time.....


  1. Wow, that really does help, I'm about to order a big box of these my self, excelent job on these.

  2. What colors are you using for the Confederates? I'm about to paint up some 15mm.

    1. Lain, the colors pictured above are exactly what I used. I did alot of trial and error mixing to get some of the butternut colors. Keep in mind a little goes along way and I thin with water as I go.

      At home I have a complete set of vallejo paints. If you are just starting out I would recomend the ACW set as a good starting point.