Friday, January 3, 2014

Warlords Ruined Hamlet-Bolt Action

In addition to the Soviet Army I received for X-mas I also received the Ruined Hamlet set of buildings.  These can be used for many periods, but my initial intent is for Bolt Action.  As I am finding with most Warlords kits they do not believe in providing assembly instructions.  As a result I browsed the Internet and then took some artistic license.  I came up with five separate structures that i then arranged on three separate card stock bases so I could add some additional terrain based on what I found on the Internet.

As I did not have any 28mm terrain prior to starting Bolt Action as few months ago these are much appreciated.  They fit in nicely with the 4 ground building I have started collecting as well as the other odds and ends I have picked up along the way.

This is a shot of our most recent set up before adding the Hamlet:

My Bolt Action X-mas presents are now all officially assembled, painted and ready for action.  Now I can get back to the pile of other stuff hiding in drawers on the work bench. :)

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