Monday, January 6, 2014

Bolt Action Painting Progress-Productive Weekend

This past weekend was probably one of my last free ones for awhile as I am starting a new assignment at work as well as a new semester for my masters program.

As a result I was very motivated to get some painting done. One of my resolutions is to paint all my existing BA before I buy anymore. Once all this is complete I doubt there will be much else I could need. Smile

German Vehicles: 

American Officers:
American Infantry:

 American HMG (2nd one):

American M2A1 105mm howitzer:

Soviet Command:

Soviet Infantry (These will be my standing free inexperienced Squad):

Soviet Sniper Team:

Yet to Finish (German MMG, Infantry and Half-track crew):

The Germans are now painted and dipped. Once dry I will just need to highlight and base.

This will leave me about a half box each of American, Soviet and German Wargames Factory Infantry to assemble and paint. I plan to save these though in the event I discover a need for a specific unit as I get more familiar with the game.

Additionally, I do have a couple Black Tree Design orders due in from the recent sale which includes Soviet Naval Infantry(2 Squads, Soviet MMG(x3), U.S Jeeps(3), Soviet Jeep and German Motor cycles(2 Squads worth). Probably be awhile before they see the table though.

Not bad for weekend's work though. Amazing what one can do when motivated. Now I just need to find time to battle test them.

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