Thursday, February 25, 2016

Axis & Allies Miniatures Collection

Complete AAM Collection
So I am currently contemplating selling my entire Axis & Allies Miniatures collection.  This will be a major step for me as I am a collector and a bit of a hoarder when it comes to games.  I have moved on to 28mm WWII and have not played AAM is a few years, so these are somewhat redundant.

The purpose of this post is to document the collection for potential buyers.  My preference will be to sell to one buyer, but understand unless I find the right buyer I may have to break it down as the average gamer typically does not have the disposable cash to purchase a collection this size and I will take a considerable loss selling to a dealer or re-seller.

I am sure I can do better parting it out, but there is some value to my time and effort, so initially I think I will look to see if I can get some serious offers for the collection as a whole.

At one time I owned complete sets for all the sets (ended up being 10 total), but I decided to sell off Set 1-5 when Wizard of the coast changed the scale with set 6 and started re-releasing precious minis in the consistent 15mm scale.  I have since gone back and re-collected some of the original minis in the first 5 sets that were not re-released.  As a result I have select minis for set 1-5 and complete sets for 6-10 with many in multiples.

It has been awhile since I have prices out the individual minis, but a quick scan on e-bay and other online retailers tells me that many infantry are still selling for $1+ and vehicles are all over the place with many in the $5-20 range.

I do have an extensive inventory record in excel, but it has been a few years since I have touched this collection.  I plan to go through and re-validate the spreadsheet in the coming days and I will provide a copy to serious buyers.

At this time my inventory shows me that I have over 1200 minis in total.  It is possible that a few trades did not get captured, so once I validate it I can provide an exact number.

As for condition, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  I was a player and a collector, but more so a collector.  As a result only a small portion of this collection ever saw the gaming table.  Other than being out of the bag I would rate everything in Mint/Near Mint condition with only a very few exceptions where I may have acquired an older mini that someone else marked.  When I validate the inventory I will make any condition notes.

Currently everything is organized and stored by Nation in set order.  One or each card was stored in a binder by nation in set order.  All extra cards are present and were stored in deck boxes.  When I did play I typically only used one card even if using duplicates.

Here are the pictures as it stands right now.

Cards (Binders and Deck Boxes):

Extras (Rules, Map Packs, Scenarios Etc.):


Obstacles and special Units:

Soviet Union:

United States:

British and Commonwealth:

France and Minor Nations:



Italy and Axis Minor Nations:

More to come as I validate the inventory and decide how I want to proceed.

Thanks for looking.

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