Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Northern Front Podcast Episode 2

We are back with Episode 2.
Episode 2(Click Below):

Sorry for the technical difficulties in episode 1, we should be able to hear Brian now.

One big development is that we now have an official sponsor for the podcast.  We are happy to announce that Nobel Knight Games is joining the team.  NKG is an online retailer who also happens to be local to me.

The are definately worth checking out for all your gaming needs.

In this episode we cover a nuber of topics including:
Latest Projects
New Bolt Action Errata/FAQ
WWPD Season 3 rules
Ambush Scenario
Campaign development
Plans for upcoming conventions
And more....

One topic we intended to cover is a listener request on making conversions for models that are not available.  Due to a recording issue we lost part of the segament.  Not to worry though we will be back to cover it fully in Episode 3.

One final note, The Northern Front is now officially on iTunes so you can find and follow the show there as well.


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