Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pre-Dread Project - Germans (Part 1)

Time to move onto the Germans.  As stated earlier these will pose a hypothetical opponent for the Americans.  Historically there were tensions between the German Asiatic fleet and Commodore Dewey after the battle of Manila.  I plan to expand on that what if scenarios.
German fleet in dry dock
I plan to work on 1-2 classes at a time to expedite progress.  Tonight was the Pre-Dreadnought Brandenburg class of four ships.

Masts were pretty straight forward on these models with two sizes of wire.  Not much difference from one ship to the next except I was able to find painting of each showing that they had different red rings on the funnels which distinguished each ship of the class.

Note the funnel rings
I was not real impressed with the Panzerschiffe model when I first saw it.  Now that I have seen drawings a pictures of the actual ships they are a decent rendition.  the masts and the inking really made them pop.
SMS Worth
If I can continue at this pace the Germans may be ready for battle after the weekend.

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