Sunday, June 30, 2013

IJN Hiryu Shapeways model 1/1800

After completing USS Texas last week I had been putting off IJN Hiryu.  I decided to tackle her today.  I was initially reluctant as Carrier deck detail painting is not more forte.  Today only proved that.

When we last left IJN Hiryu she was primed and ready to go.
Shapeways models Primed
I found a nice drawing of the IJN Hiryu online to follow as a guide.
I decided an a neutral gray for the hull and deck that is not tan and used that as my base coat.
Initial base coat
As you can see in the picture about that the fine primer I used seems to have a bit of an issue accepting the acrylic paints and require a second coat.  This only seems to be an issue on larger flat areas.  I first noticed it this weekend when  was doing the WWII aircraft on the wings a fuselage.

IJN Hiryu Starboard View
I was able to get the the IJN Hiryu painted the way I wanted with basic colors pretty easily.  As I knew all along the trick would be getting the deck lines, aft red stripes and Red Circle in place.  I had anticipated this being an issue and at the suggestion of other modelers I purchased fine tip red and white paint markers.

IJN Hiryu Port View

I could not find a decal the proper size so I went ahead and free handed the Red circle.  I was able to do an OK job on the aft red stripes with a few touch ups.  Unfortunately the deck lines were just not happening for me.  The marker was just too thick.  I then resorted to a piece of wire as a applicator, but my hand was just not steady enough.  In the end I decided my IJN Hiryu will be unique for the time being and go without the deck lines.  I hesitated to even try, but at least I can say I gave a good try.

At some point I may give it a try again with a refined method or preferably hire it out to someone with a proven ability.
IJN Hiryu with "Team Poseidon" War at Sea Card 

Overall I am satisfied and for now it is definitely suitable for gaming and much better than what I had before.

USS Texas with "Team Poseidon" Card
I am much happier with the results I achieved on the USS Texas, but it certainly is not the models fault.
After completing two of these I can assure you it will not be long before I place my next Shapeways order.  I will just likely stay away from carriers or at least the ones that require much deck work.

 (USS Texas Link)

Shapeways is most certainly a viable alternative for 1/1800 scale ships now that WotC has bowed out of the market.  

If you are interested in acquiring either of these two Shapeways models you can find them here:

 Shapeways Tiny Thingamajigs by Matt Atkinson

Until next time.......Have a safe and happy July 4th!

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