Monday, June 24, 2013

Is there such a thing as too many games?

Recently I discovered the answer is yes.  Heresy, I know, but was time to finally admit that my game collecting was bordering on hording.  Now that Ares has taken over Wings of Glory and are releasing new sets on a regular basis along with the upcoming Sails of Glory (Age of Sail game) kick starter which will be out this summer I decided it was time to purge some of my collection.

As a result I evaluated my game collection and decided to sell off about 1/3 of my collection.  I loved them all, but I only have time to play so much.  I figured it was best to find some of them a new home.

The ones that did not make the cut included:

Complete Avalanche Press  Second World War at Sea collection- I love these games, but most were not punched.  I had purchased them with the thought of using them for Naval Campaigns.  The collector in me took over and soon I had   almost everything available.

Complete Avalanche Press Great War at Sea Collection- For the same reasons as above I just could not justify keeping these sitting on the shelf when they were not being played.

Tide of Iron.  A great Game system, but since I also own Memoir 44 and Axis and Allies Minis it was redundant and just did not get played that often.  In fact the Normandy expansion was still not punched.

I also sold off some of my extra 10mm Gordon & Hague ACW collection, extra Wings of War planes and a balloon set as well as some older Axis And Allies titles and Avalon Hill Boxed games.

All in all I would say I did pretty well.  I did not expect to get current retail prices, but several of the titles were very collectible especially some of the AP games.  In total I netted over $1000 which more than paid off my Sails of Glory order and padded the hobby account for future purchases. ;)

Bulk of current collection
My collection is now reduced, but I am comfortable that all will see some action in one way or another in the coming years.  I have also decided that post X-mas each year I will evaluate my collection to determine if some titles need to find a better home where they will see more use.

My collection now centers around historical minis such as Wings of Glory, Memoir 44, Axis and Allies Minis (Naval and Land) and the new X-wing game.  I have also retained several classic Avalon Hill titles along with other classic board games you can see pictured.

So yes for me there is such a thing as too much, the trick was finally realizing it.  We will see what the collection looks like a year from now.

Until Next time......Happy Gaming!

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