Saturday, June 29, 2013

WWII Pacific planes 1/200 AIM (Part 3) Finished

After a late night last night and Household Six letting me put off the "honey do" list this AM I was able to finish my latest addition to the Pacific Air fleets.
All 20 Models 4 Val, 4 Zero, 8 SBD Dauntless, and 4 F4F Wildcats

Drop Tank on Zero

I really like the AiM models as they have more detail than I expected and painted up really nice.  I was very impressed that the Zeros included drop tanks and the SBD and Vals had bombs that were additional parts as opposed to molded on or none at all.

SDB Dauntless

The most impressive part were the decals.  I could not believe the level of detail for a 1/200 game model.  they include individual numbers many of which I could not initially see printed in white, but make all the difference when applied to the models.

The decals were also the most difficult and time consuming part of completing these models, but in the end very much worth it.

F4F Wildcat

The models themselves were $4/ea and a decal sheets for 3-4 planes was another $4 so essentially the total investment per plane is $5/ea plus time and effort in painting and detailing.  in the end I am very satisfied with the end product and highly recommend AiM to other gamers.

SBD Guadalcanal

This addition opens up many opportunities to my air combat games.  I can now put entire squadrons of SBD Dauntless in the air.  I have enough to do the majority of the pacific scenarios for CY6 or anything I can dream up for Wings of Glory or AAAF.

 While the decals are very historical I opted for some variations on my paint schemes giving me both green and gray VALs as well as Zeros.

Early War and Midway SBD

With the Americans I took some liberty as well.  The SBD were for Guadalcanal and USS Enterprise Scouting 6.  I opted to make a couple of the SBD early war.  There were only enough Guadalcanal decals for 3 of the Wildcats so the 4th also took on and early war scheme as well.

Wildcat Early War and Guadalcanal

Until Next time.....Watch your Six!

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