Monday, June 24, 2013

Wings of Glory at The Last Square Game day 22 June 2013

This past Saturday The Last Square in Madison, WI hosted a benefit game day.  Two of my favorite games Wings of Glory and X-wing were on the schedule.  Unfortunately due to other commitments I was not able to make it until mid afternoon just in time to get some of Karl's famous brats and take part in a four on four WoG melee in the skies.

We had several rookie pilots so we stuck to the standard rules and organized a four on four contest.  It started as two Camels and two SPAD vs. two Albatross and two Folker DRI.  I teamed up with the Germans in my new Albatross.  Each time a pilot was downed they regenerated with a new plane and started at the table edge.  We were playing for tickets to put into the door prize drawing.  Each time you downed an enemy you earned two tickets.

It started out pretty even with two separate battles forming at each end of the table.

Soon the German's gained the advantage downing a Camel.  A Entente pilot made a crucial error and maneuvered away from the action allowing the German's to have a brief 4-2 advantage.

The British and American pilots were determined to be accounted for and soon downed my wing man in his trusty DR1. Unfortunately for them they had taken too much damage.  I was hot on the tail of a Camel when it limped off out of the battle area with only 1 point remaining denying me the kill .  My fellow flyers downed another camel and the odds were now 4-2 again.
As time was drawing to a close there was one remaining SPAD which was able to get off a lucky round downing a final German and then made a hasty retreat out of the battle area.

Overall a German Victory downing 4 Entente flyers to 2 losses.  Most importantly fun was had by all.

Until next time, Watch your six.........

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