Tuesday, June 25, 2013

WWII Pacific planes 1/200 AIM (Part 1)

I recently placed a larger order from Armaments in Miniature (AiM) to round out my WWII pacific air forces. 
4 VALs, 4 ZEROs, 8 SBD Dauntless, 4 F4F Wildcats

I picked 1/200 scale because I play Wings of War/Wings of Glory which is done in 1/200.  In the last year I also started playing CY6 and Axis and Allies Air Force.  Instead of collecting planes in multiple scales I simply use my WoG models augmented with 1/200 models from other manufactures like AiM and AIR200.

I really like AiM because they are inexpensive and light weight.  They also come with a base screw so they mount on stands easily on stands with magnets which my stands already have.

This order will allow me o play several CY6 scenarios from the Pacific theater.

Next up I will trim the excess flashing, wash, paint and then decal.

more to come......

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