Friday, July 19, 2013

BB-36 USS Nevada

After having some success with USS Arizona I decided to do a quick repaint/touch up of USS Nevada.  I did not do a full repaint on this one like I did with Arizona.

Along side original WotC version
Basically, I just painted the upper superstructure a lighter grey/white, added some deck details and painted the turrets the correct colors to reflect scheme at the time of Pearl Harbor.

USN BB Division one Turret colors
Then  I simply applied a black wash to the superstructure and a brown wash to the deck.  Finished it off with dry brushing white to hit the high spots.  Finally applied a clear coat to finish and protect it.
USS Nevada Repainted
Overall I am pleased with the final result and feel she is again game table ready.  As the original scheme was not bad this one went really quick with under 30 minutes of painting and then waiting for the clear coat to dry.
View from the Stern
As a collector I usually like to keep one of each model in original condition, but now that I have discovered the turret paint scheme I can see a USS Oklahoma in my future.

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