Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BB-39 USS Arizona

I have been meaning to do this one since the set first came out.  Finally made some time the last couple nights after using it in a recent game.

With the original model
This is a 1/1800 scale model made by Wizards of the Coast (WotC) for the collectible miniature game War at Sea

USS Arizona
Here is the site I used as a reference for the paint scheme:

Here is a link which explains why WotC went with the light blue paint scheme.

More importantly it explains why the top of the turrets were painted red.  Keep in mind this is a pre-war paint scheme.  I believe I have read that not long after war broke out that the colors on the turret tops were removed as enemy aircraft sighting became more of a concern.

While researching the turret colors I did stumble on these documents as well which specifically outline the battleship Division color schemes.
Fleet organization references turret colors:

Color Schemes:

While I did not go with the light blue hull I did use a grey with a blue hue added to it.  Some may debate the accuracy, but IMO a far cry better than the WotC paint scheme. Either way it makes for a nice gaming model.

You can pretty much expect to see some more prewar repaints from me in the future.

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