Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Send in the Cavalry -ACW 10mm (Part 3) Final

I completed these done last weekend.  I was hoping to get my terrain up and display the entire project.  Instead I will just provide a quick update and save that for another time when I can put together a scenario.

As I mentioned in the last update I talked myself into using more historically accurate mounted horse holder instead of the dismounted version that came in the bag.

Dismounted holder in the back

It was a simple process of just cutting off the dismounted figure and then finding some suitable mounted Cavalry figures.  I decided to go with GHQ since they were available locally and I like to support local shops when possible.  Additionally I was able to mount the GHQ troopers on the Perrin standing horses so it all fit together well.

Completed Horse Holders

I ended up with 16 total stands, 8 for each side.  At some point I will provide another update so you can see them all in action.

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