Sunday, July 28, 2013

P-40B "Flying Tigers" and Mitsubishi G4M "Betty

I was not sure these would get done in July, but I had some rare free time and a spurt of energy to finish decals last night.

These are all Armaments in Miniature (AiM) 1/200 models.
Resin (Aim) models as they arrived with decals
Instead of hand painting these this time after washing and priming I decided to apply a base coat using spray enamel especially due to the size of the Betty.  I then painted the underside and camo pattern by hand.  I had read that decals tend to work better on a gloss surface, so before applying them I gave everything a gloss clear coat to seal the paint.  Overall I was happy with the results.  Once the decals were on I applied the normal dull coat to give them the military flat finish.

Finished Betty:

Flying Tigers:

Once again I was very pleased with the AiM models and decals.  The decals really make the difference on these models and the very of detail amazes me.  There were even more provided such as stripes for the Betty and tail numbers for the P-40s that were just to small for me to take the time on.  If you have the time to paint the cost just cannot be beat with $5.00/fighter including decals and $11.00/bomber with decals.  More importantly they have a wide selection of aircraft that are not yet available from other manufactures as I use my planes for games such as wings for Glory, CY6 and Axis and Allies Air Force.

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