Friday, July 12, 2013

Send in the Cavalry -ACW 10mm (Part 2)

Well, this project is coming along faster than I anticipated.  I have been taking a little time each night and have successfully finished all the Mounted and Dismounted troopers both Federal and Confederate.
Confederate Mounted

Confederate Dismounted 

Federal Mounted

Federal Dismounted

Now I just need to complete the 16 stands of horse holders and I will have operational cavalry to deploy on the gaming table.  I did make one change to my horse holder plans.  The ones I bought have a dismounted figure holding the horse.  Someone pointed out to me that the holders were usually mounted.  As a result I purchased some GHQ cavalry packs and will be placing a rider on 1 horse with two dismounted horses per stand.
Hope to have these finished this weekend as the rest of the month will be getting busy for hobby time with a business trip and a week long camping trip planned.

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