Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Battle of Denmark Strait -Hood Vs. Bismarck

Last week I had the opportunity to get the ships out and teach a new player.  Denmark Strait is a classic engagement and a great introductory scenario.

Since it was just the two of us I gave Steven the choice of commands after a brief run down of the rules for Naval Thunder.  Without hesitation he chose the British.

As the German player my goal was to sink one of the two British ships and exit the battle area via the South East corner.  The British goal was to sink the Bismarck while still having one ship survive.
Bismarck sights British ships on the horizon
My strategy was simple Target HMS Hood with both ships each turn since they fired in different phases Bismarck (Battleship) and Prince Eugen (Cruiser).  Steven focused on Bismarck suffering the negative for the extra splash marker since both Hood and Prince of Whales fire in the Battleship phase.

The German guns have a slightly longer range and better penetrations, but the British have more , so this really comes down to a slug match.  Surprisingly we both scored hits in the opening round of fire at long and extreme.
Bismarck is straddled by opening salvos

Bismarck made for the exit while the British fire was extremely accurate.  fortunately the mechanical issues with the Prince of Whales was an issue of the fire power of the British would have been more devastating.
HMS Hood takes and early 15in shell causing a fire to erupt
While Bismarck took all the punishment Prince Eugen was able to keep the hopes for victory alive.  She scored a critical bridge hit on HMS Hood.  As a result Hood's remaining officers decided they no longer had the stomach for battle and turned for safety leaving PoW to keep up the fight alone.
Giants continue to batter one another
In the meantime the British gunnery had reduced Bismarck to a wreck removing all four of the main turrets. With little hope of victory Prince Eugen closed with PoW to get within torpedo range.  Pow then shifted her fire to PE delivering some crushing blows.
Bismarck suffers Engine damage as well as losing guns at a rapid rate.
PE stayed in the fight and delivered two torpedo salvos the second hitting with 2/3 fish sending PoW to the bottom.
Despite taking punishing blows Prince Eugen delivers torpedo salvo
Again, it was a bad day for the British Navy as it was historically.  This time though they managed to inflict severe damage to both German units who would be lucky to limp back to port.
Crippled Bismarck limps to safety as Prince Eugen covers her retreat
The Planned first war cruise for Bismarck will certainly be delayed if the ship can even be salvaged.

Steven proved to be a great Captain for his first time out quickly gaining his sea legs.

Look forward to sailing the high seas again and teaching more potential sailors this great game.


  1. Well done. An excellent first outing that showcases some of the nuances of NT. I'm sure your British player will be back for more.

    1. Yes, I think he really enjoyed it as did I. I has been a long time since I had these out. The nice thing is the mat is pre-marked for 3 different intro sceanrios (Denmark Strait, River Plate, Empress Augusta Bay) with makes set up super easy to teach new players in less than 2 hours.

  2. A great report..and lovely warship models too.

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