Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pre-Dread Project - Spanish (Part 1)

Today I finally put words into action after a 3 year hiatus I built and painted my first ships.  My intent was to just do the Battleship Pelaya, but it all came back so easy I just kept going until diner.
Pelayo during mast construction
Completed Pelayo
As a result I was able to complete 7 of the 14 Spanish ships that were scheduled to join the fleet.  I am very satisfied with the results.  In some ways I think they even look better than the first ones I did as I have learned new techinques while I was away.  Last time I did not use acelerator for my gluing and that now make a big difference in speeding the projects along.
Cruiser Carlos V
The models are Panzerschiffe.  The sculpts are pretty basic, but with some inking, dry brushing and the addition of masts they definately give a good feel for the ship they represent.
Trio of Protected Cruisers
I attaked these largest to smallest and by class.  I only have 7 more models, but they are the smaller older vessels with losts of masts and spars, so may take a bit longer.  Assembeling 3or 4 at a time does make it move along though.
Seven new additions

Although these ships did not participate in either of the two historic Naval battles they will make for some interesting hypotheticals.
Full Spanish Fleet for now
With any luck I will complete the Spanish this week.


  1. Lovely finished product. The masts do complete the basic Panzerschiife casts nicely.

  2. Those look splendid...well done!

  3. Very well done! Glad to see you joining the company of little ship painters. You've done a positively brilliant job of it and the Pre-Dreadnaught era is lovely and under-represented. And utterly gameable, since it's largely absent those pesky submarines and aircraft. Good luck! I look forward to your after-action reports. :)