Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pre-Dreads New life for an old project

USS Olympia in Action in Manila Bay
It is just shy of three years since I stared this project and I have finally come back to finish it.  As I explained in a previous post my naval gaming has been on hiatus while I pursued other historical gaming interests.  With those projects firmly established I have now come back to my roots to sail the high seas once again.
Savo Island scenario in July
In the past month I have had the opportunity to engage in naval warfare twice and it has certainly given me the itch to get back.  I know I missed the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland, but I still aspire to build those fleets.  I am currently in talks with my gaming cohorts to do just that with a goal of assembling the fleets in the next year for a massive scenario at a con next year.

Jutland Animation in honor of 100th Anniversary (24min)

Before I start a new naval project I remembered my Pre-dread project I began in 2013.  It was derailed for two reasons.  1st when I primed half the ships I had a problem and the primer frosted (created clumps) which had never happened to me before.  2nd I discovered Bolt Action and had no looked back.
Untouched Pre-dread collection
I pulled out the box that has been holding my unfinished pre-dreads for the past couple of years and sorted them today.  Fortunately nothing is lost or broken.  I was able to identify all 54 ships which will soon be based and labeled.
Ships sorted
As I write this two ships are soaking in Simple Green in an attempt to correct the mishap with the white primer.  I am fully dedicated to completing these before I move on to any other major hobby project.
Primer mishap
Hopeful fix
The models are all Panzerschiffe and I plan to install masts the same as I did with my other SPAN-AM and Russo-Japaneses war fleets.
SPAN-AM American Fleet
Spanish fleet
As discussed in my blog almost three years ago the purpose of these fleets is to fight out hypothetical engagements.  When I constructed my SPAN-AM historical fleets I quickly learned that in no way are the historical engagements even close to being balanced which does not make for a very good war game.
Completed Panzerschiffe model
By adding more Spanish my hope it to fight some hypothetical What-if actions.  Historically the Spanish did mount and relief effort for the Philippines including the old battleship Pelayo.  The relief was called back to home waters, but what if it had successfully navigated its way to the pacific to face off against Dewey.
Spanish and German additions
I have also compiled as sizable German contingent to represent a possible threat to America at the time of the war with Spain or shortly after.  I am also adding may more American units and could even distort history to play out a show down with Japan or Russia using my already complete RJW fleets.
American reinforcements
Of course for any of that to happen the ships need to be finished.  My plan is to reinforce the Spanish first and then go from there and finish this project before X-mas so I can get a few games in.

More to come........


  1. The completed models are really nice looking. You took the masts to the next level, I just put in a single piece of wire with no cross pieces. Good luck with the project.

  2. Great potential for some exciting what if scenarios...looking forward to reading about your progress!

  3. Good luck with your new Jutland project nearly finished mine, took a year but nearly there

  4. Thanks, made some progress on the Spanish Pr-dreads today and added a new post.