Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pre-Dread Project-Spanish (Part 2) Complete

Well it took me almost 3 yrs to get back to these, but I was able to complete the Spanish Fleet in less than 2 days. 

The last 7 ships were only two different classes, but the masts were a bit more difficult with all the spars.  on the second group of 5 I did recall that painting the main mast first which helps with gluing on the spars tremendously and reduces the excess glue visible at the joint.  Will remember to do this as I move on to the Germans and then remaining Americans.
Cristobal Colon may be mislabeled

Less visible Glue at the joints on the masts
Also it appears I may have one of the small cruisers mislabeled, will have to go back and do a bit more research on that class.
Complete Spanish fleet
Now on to the Germans.....

German fleet entering dry dock


  1. Nice models and great paint work!

    It's a shame the postage on Panzerschiffe models is so steep to the UK


    1. I suppose there's a reason it's so dad blamed hard to get models back and forth across the Atlantic. If Afilter will tolerate my intruding I'll say the Panzerschiffe models are great fun, but as a devout fan of the little resin ships, I'm confident you could give models from other manufacturers the same treatment to equal or even greater effect. Buy what's reasonable where you are and work with that. Navwar (http://www.navwar.co.uk) does 1/3000 at reasonablish prices and they're reputable. Haven't tried them yet myself as I'm in the wrong scale and on the wrong side of the water, but if you don't already have a fleet . . . what's a few millimeters between friends? Their prices are certainly right to give it a tester.

  2. Coming along well. :) Looking forward to seeing the Germans in paint next.